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The Blogger

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"As a Chartered Accountant at an international firm, working over 60 hours a week becomes common practice. Working in such a fast-paced environment (with lots of desk time) I quickly discovered a need to eat healthy. 
I had seen countless documentaries (both commercial and underground) on the various aspects of the food industry and on healthy eating. I became motivated to research food, more specifically; how to eat healthy, what changes I would have to make to my current eating habits, and how I could substitute ingredients without compromising on flavour. My research has not only allowed me to be more conscious of the foods that I eat, but I have also found healthy (and tasty) substitutes for many of my guilty pleasures! All of which I will be sharing with you!"

"Healthy eating has become more than a hobby, it's my lifestyle." - Melissa

The Cook's Corner

"Growing up I was always in the kitchen; either cooking up something myself, or watching my mom prepare an amazing meal for me and my older sister.
By primary school I was making bacon and rosemary spaghetti sauces and as a teen I decided to apply for culinary school. I graduated in 2014 and began to work along-side established Chefs in the city.
I was hesitant to work in the food industry at first because I thought that working as a Chef might ruin my passion for cooking, but it has only made it grow stronger! I love to cook and I will be sharing my passion with you through videos!"

MJ is currently the Chef de Partie of the garde manger at one of the finest restaurants in Montreal!  Check her out at Ristorante Cavalli.
"It blows my mind that I can do what I love most, for a living!" - MJ

The Multitasker

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"I am a 27 year old health advocate and self-taught cook. After graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce, I married my boyfriend of 7 years. A year later I became a mother to my now two and a half year old son and I have another one on the way!  Life can get busy sometimes, but being a stay-at-home mom has allowed me to fulfill my passion for food,  cooking, and entertaining. I find time to cook despite how busy, stressed, tired, lazy, or overwhelmed I may be because the feeling after eating a healthy meal (with less salt, fat, and preservatives) is so rewarding that it makes it all worthwhile!" 

Bita has a certificate in Applied Nutrition from the Alive Academy of Natural Health and will be sharing her knowledge with all of you!

"I’m a real girl, in a real kitchen, with a hungry husband and a picky child. Cooking healthy & delicious food can be easy & fun, so let's get cookin'!" - Bita

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