Quick and Easy tips to help you in the kitchen!

Banana Drama... How to Peel a Banana the Right Way!

Say bye-bye to mushy bananas... This is the easiest way to peel a banana and it works every time! (It's also how the monkeys do it!)

Avocado: The All-Mighty Multi-Purpose Fruit


Did you know that avocados are high in fiber, lower bad cholesterol, are gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, vegan, vegetarian, and FULL OF NUTRITION! They can be used to make spreads, dipping sauces, pasta sauces and more! (They can even be enjoyed as is, for a healthy snack!) Try mashing an avocado with a fork to create a spread and adding a few chilli flakes for a kick! Season with salt and pepper and spread onto your favourite whole grain bread.
Tip: Add a splash of lemon to keep from browning.

How to De-Seed a Pomegranate...the Easy Way!

Pomegranate is such an amazing fruit but taking out the juicy seeds can be a tedious task. Just follow this super easy technique and enjoy!

Attention Garlic-Lovers!

I am a huge fan of garlic, but not that keen on the prep work. So... when I buy bulbs of garlic, I peel it, crush it, and put it in a little jar and cover it with olive oil. (You can add fresh basil or other herbs for added flavour! If you like to spice things up, add a few chilli flakes!). You can store it in the fridge and then add it to your dishes when needed!

Lemon: A Natural Flavour Enhancer!

Lemons have many useful purposes; they prevent discolouring of other fruits, they can be used to tenderize meat, and they act as a natural flavour enhancer!
Tip: Add lemon to your baked goods that contain fruit, or to steamed veggies, to help preserve their vibrant colours.

Yogurt: The Healthy Substitute!

If I could use greek yogurt as a substitute for everything I would! Greek yogurt is high in protein and works great in dips, dressings, and even desserts.
Tip: Enjoy it with a splash of honey and some fruit in the morning. Or... add some vanilla extract, honey, and chocolate if you are in the mood for a guilt-free dessert! 

A Healthy Crust!

One of the best and healthiest ways to create a crust for chicken or fish, is to simply crush your favourite nuts! I usually put a cup of my favourite nuts in a mixer and let it run until they are almost powdered. Dip your chicken or fish in egg and then coat with the nuts. Simply fry, or bake, and enjoy! 
Tip: Try using harder nuts like almonds for more crisp! 

See below for a Super Easy Mason Jar & Blender tip!

IMG_5969 PS.jpg

You can use a standard mason jar on almost any blender! Prep your smoothies in advance and in the morning just twist the blade on, blend, and you're ready to go! 

Keep those Leafy Greens Crisp!

Best way to store a salad! Not only is it a space saver, storing in glass is safer than plastic! 
Tip: When filling your jar with healthy ingredients, remember to  keep the moist ingredients at the bottom of the jar and keep the driest at the top - this will prevent your leafy veggies from wilting and getting soggy!