Articles by Melissa


Articles by Melissa

"As a Chartered Accountant at an international firm, working over 60hrs/week becomes common practice. Working in such a fast-paced environment (with lots of desk time) I quickly discovered a need to eat healthy. 
I had seen numerous documentaries (both commercial and underground) on the various aspects of the food industry & on healthy eating. I became motivated to research food, more specifically; how to eat healthy, what changes I would have to make to my current eating habits, & how I could substitute ingredients without compromising on flavour. I have chosen to share my research with you all through the following articles!"
"Healthy eating has become more than a hobby, it's my lifestyle." - Melissa

A Calorie is Not Just a Calorie.

In a society where the growing trend is to be healthy and eat right, there is a lot of confusion around what is actually healthy for you, and what seems healthy for you... [click the image above to continue reading]

5-Step Guide to Making Healthy Choices

I think the hardest part about trying to make healthy choices is being constantly thrown into situations that make it almost impossible to eat well!... [click the image above to continue reading]

The Natural Nut; Natural Peanut Butter /  Almond butter

I love peanut butter. I have literally eaten it straight from the jar and I know many people are guilty of that! Although, I usually have it with a banana (another substitute for bread is using a fruit to dip in spreads like peanut butter). The problem is that it has so many unnecessary added ingredients that I prefer not to consume... [click the image above to continue reading] 

4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Cleaner-Eater!

I often hear about people going on restrictive know...the famous resolutions; “eat better and work out”. I think the hardest part about eating healthier is that we try so hard to get it done... [click the image above to continue reading]