The Story

I was born in England in the city of Bath and moved to Montreal as a child. Growing up, my parents only kept healthy food on hand and my sisters and I were fed homemade meals on the regs... junk food and soft drinks were not easy to come by! In fact, I would often trade my homemade lunches for a friend's pack of Ramen noodles or other processed good! Smh! 

As a child I definitely remember being a picky eater! However, I travelled quite a bit with my parents and two sisters growing up and am grateful that I was given the opportunity to both live in, and visit, some amazing places in the world. I am fortunate to have been introduced to a wide variety of foods at such a young age (my dad is Persian and my mom is British... can't get more varied than that!).

We also did our fair share of eating out in fancy restaurants and I remember appreciating the art that would be presented in front of me each time my meal arrived. I developed such a love for food and its presentation. I started making videos as a child of me preparing relatively elaborate meals for my age and my younger sister and I would make cooking-shows and film them on VHS lol! (check out our sweet cinnamon apple sauce video! - first cooking show filmed together since we were 11 years old!)  

As I "grew-up", education took over my time, and cooking was somewhat put on the back-burner. I completed my undergrad in Business Administration - Accounting concentration and began working at a Big Four international accounting firm. While working, I completed the CGA program and completed the CPA, CGA exams this year (title pending!).

Even though I was happy with my accomplishments, something was missing. Something big. 

I reached out to a friend, Maria Molfino who had been in my place before. The deepest part of her felt free and creative but her professional life felt stifling. After having this realization, Maria left her professional life in the US to help devise a campaign to help women in India. Today Maria works with women to tap into their wisdom and step into their power as true change-makers.

I have been working with Maria since July 2014 and having been in my shoes, she is such an exceptional coach! She helped me realize that I needed to focus less on reaching goals, and more on my core desires. Maria is the reason that the My Easy Eats website has become a reality. 

Maria taught me that it is important to feel great about what you are doing and this is how My Easy Eats came to be!

For more about my journey with Maria, click here!

I LOVE FOOD and I love sharing my passion with others through many forms; videos, photography, diagrams, and writings!