4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Cleaner-Eater!


4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Cleaner-Eater!


I often hear about people going on restrictive diets...you know...the famous resolutions; “eat better and work out”. I think the hardest part about eating healthier is that we try so hard to get it done. We aim to do everything in one shot. You can’t just go through your cupboards and toss everything out in one day... it takes time, and it takes small steps to slowly eliminate and substitute certain foods. 

Check out these 4 easy-to-follow steps to becoming a cleaner-eater:

Step 1 – Don’t get rid of everything. Acknowledge you want to change your habits and come up with a specific plan.

Write down what you eat in a normal given day and try to see what you can change (and what you’re willing to change). Be realistic!

Step 2: Start with one meal (or item) and make a change there. Don’t change everything.

Look at what you have for breakfast – if it’s a bagel and cream cheese, and you want to have something with more nutritional value, maybe have half a bagel with a slice of real cheese and some fruit, then eventually stop the bagel altogether and add more fruit and an extra slice of cheese. If that’s too much change, start by doing it every other day. Once you are comfortable with breakfast, move on to lunch!

Step 3:  Choose healthy alternative ingredients.

When cooking, there are so many ingredients we can substitute. I know I used to love having sweets after dinner every night, and it became such a habit I couldn’t go to bed until I had a piece of cake or some chocolate! We crave palette cleansers... and love to switch from savoury to sweet. 
I started replacing the chocolate every other night with an orange or bowl of strawberries – something that was still very sweet so it would still somewhat satisfy my craving. Eventually, I got used to having the fruit and started craving the fruit after dinner rather than the chocolate.

Step 4: Treat Yourself

It’s ok to have one day a week where you aren’t so concerned with the food you eat. If you don’t allow yourself that one day, eventually you might get discouraged and stop altogether.
It’s also just as important to stay on track, don’t let that one day turn into one week! Be disciplined. 

Good Luck!

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